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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why know the Weavers?

Make fabric is a craft.And as there are brands of clothes, there are brands of tissue.Generally, buying a bespoke suit cut from a cloth from one of the investors that we will discuss together is a guarantee of quality.Not only because these fabrics are more expensive than lambda tissue, which shows the desire of the cutter (brand) to provide a quality suit, but because the tissues have been developed with some expertise.
Before buying a suit or a jacket, look inside of the jacket.Generally, if it is made from a high quality raw material, this is the mark of fabric sewn inside the jacket.Either the brand (usually the left lapel) or on the back facing him.
If Nothing is sewn, you can ask your tailor or vendor you specify what type (super 100, mixing etc. ..) this fabric is, and especially what brand is the fabric!If you give the name of a weaver, you can ask to see a sample of the fabric with the brand name (the name of the weaver) next.
We are advised, but what are the beautiful fabrics?Tissues English, IrishHolland & Sherry
In existence for over 170 years, Holland & Sherry always provides the greatest tailors and more luxury brands.For history is in 1836, Stephen George Holland and Sherry Frederic began to be wool merchants in London.
man chic_dormeuil2Founded in 1842 by Jules Dormeuil, Dormeuil began by importing English cloth, before creating his own fabrics.What more ... Dormeuil is the must tissues French!(Note: the costumes PAP Dormeuil, whose fabrics are beautiful, have impeccable cuts, but pretty straight Forget PAP Dormeuil if you are looking for a very curved costume.).
Founded in 1938 in Brussels by Otto Hertz, Scabal was originally a merchant and supplier of fabrics.In 1938, Scabal had only six employees and now employs about 600 people worldwide.
man chic_loropianaSpecializing in wool with cashmere, Loro Piana fabrics created among the finest in the world.Hackett Associates, they create special fabric for the British brand.Note that Loro Piana does not suit ready to wear. They sweaters and casual wear .. but the costumes are only made to measure!
man chic_zegnaZegna .. undoubtedly one of the best brands of Italian fabric.Through the different "Ermenegildo Zegna" and "Z Zegna" brands, offers its Zegna fabrics ready to wear, but also with its bespoke service "Made to Measure suit".
man chic_lanficiocerrutiCerruti, who before being a ready to wear is a weaver.Apart from the brand Cerruti, many other brands of PAP in their high-end, will provide at Cerruti
So much for the beautiful fabrics ... but what is the price?For a classic build, it takes between 3.5 and 4 meters of fabric for a tailored suit.
The price of fabric can vary from 50 euros to 250 euros per meter ... but it can reach 1000 Euro per meter for the rarest fabrics!
Let's stylish, elegant are, being attentive to the tissues of our costumes!

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