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Monday, August 5, 2013

The Dress Code at work

The Dress Code depends a lot on business but it can also vary from one company to another in the same sector. Rarely described in black and white, it is more often a set of unwritten rules. In some countries, been very official instructions. What characterizes the different cheap custom suits  at work, it is the formality. And this step depends mainly on one thing: the customer contact. The more you deal with customers, the better your chances of having to dress in Business Formal or Business Casual. The latter, although relatively formal, is heresy in some areas.
What does the code work?
There is a section of the Labour Code (L.1121-1) which speaks of the Dress Code. It defines the conditions under which an employer may impose a dress to an employee. This is especially safety criteria. However, there are instructions clothing permissible under the law. They concern the corporate image. The only case where an employee may refuse to work instructions clothing is when it is proven that it is not necessary for the position.
If nothing is specified anywhere per person ask. Ask about a new position for a trip abroad and for a meeting. Dress Code error is not fatal but can have adverse consequences.Business Formal: from 4 pins
The Dress Code is typical of the financial community, but not only. It is to be sober. The favorite colors are black for suits and shoes and white for the shirts.
Accessories are discrete and that includes tie required. Are allowed, strictly speaking, navy blue and gray but not brown. The Dress Code Formal Business synonymous with impeccable: impeccably polished shoes, clothes impeccably ironed. The least possible skin is shown. Also, the logos are not accepted or jewelry too obvious. Know exactly what suits you best is the most important.Business Casual: the relaxation has its limits
The Dress Code Business Casual drops a notch in formality but just one. If we accept the color, all the colors are not permitted, nor are all mixtures. Two colors maximum generally going very well. There is no question of jeans and dress often still required even if you can do without the tie. Blue shirt, brown shoes, patterned tie ... the "eccentricities" stop there but Business Casual is still more permissive than the Business Formal.
Attention ideal for interviews in many sectors and especially the positions in contact with customers, the Business Formal is too stuffy in other professional fields.Smart Casual: just before the casual
The relaxation is invited in the Smart Casual Dress Code is already much less formal and allows more freedom to express their personal taste in bespoke suits . You can almost dressing as desired, wear a polo shirt instead of a shirt, forget moccasins and leather briefcase.

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