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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Trends Pro Fall 2013

This week (today more precisely) he fall finally officially enter. I mean, I hope that is the case, because, you know, the summer has already given. And to remember what are the trends for ON station made a selection of what I think or pumping can be considered a good type now. Here is my short list: 

Colors: black, white, gray, blue, brown (earth tones, in fact), maroon (reddish brown) and hints of red (including wine), yellow, purple and green.
Color combos: gray with red, green with blue, and a mix of neutrals like black, gray and white with brown / beige.
Remain horizontal stripes and plaid. And has the camo yet.
Colorblock and parts with details being colorblock one up.
Suit cropped still well regarded. But the base is either the jacket or the pants coming soon. And color custom suits, especially one that is blue in tone.
Suit with denim shirt. Superrecomendo a gray suit for this.
Striped suit. Vertically. Suit with checkered pattern so discreet.
For double-breasted jackets and coats.
Pants folded on the bar is still living, but a way to use more descoladamente cropped pants this time is taking advantage of a shorter pants per se. The high pipe (tennis, boot, abotinado) underneath is super.
Turtleneck - to do.
Henley hoodie - Tai, I bet him as top station.
Raglan. And it even a hanely raglan hoodie, right? ;-) A 3/4 sleeve raglan for ditto.
Utilitarian jacket, sports or zipped bomber.
Bermuda (more sequinha) with shirt (and a sports jacket or cardi). And a abotinado or high-top sneakers on the feet to match.
Felt (shoes, bag, manbag, bespoke suit- suffer an update currently in version suede).
Boine (the hat that looks like a beret but a cap, newsboy type cap, hat first look upstairs).
High pipe. Booties, boots and sneakers. Boot with shoelace especially. And the lace color can be jarring.
Shoes bi or tricolor. That goes for Docksiders and shoes more easily. But rolled saddle shoes too.
Manbags those loading and backpacks.
And I created a Pinterest board where I'm putting the looks pro autumn 2013. I'm still crawling around. And if you need ideas for your cachecolar look as cool a little more, have board for that as well.
And if you want to take a virtual shopeada gives a little jump in Dafiti and Dafiti Premium options.

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