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Monday, July 22, 2013

Measures of His Suit

More to the point, the guidelines for action suit are:
The jacket of your custom suits should always cover your ass completely. Point. If you are the type vertically challenged, ie a troupe of little people, I recommend the jacket to stretch just enough to cover the butt and stop just below the curvinha which connects to the leg. More than that will further shorten your legs.
For anyone who is of medium height or tall, can go a little further. But not much, just a little further down the line pattern of shorties until the height of the trunk and legs equivalham visually.
If tall one and want or need to "shorten" your legs because they are too long ... then go down a little more. But no hype, just the need to balance the silhouette if needed. Otherwise, the pet swallows you up.
A good way to know how far your jacket should go is standing up with his arms stretched down. Then grab the hem of his jacket with his fingers making a spooning. Gave to grab the good? So this is when he should be. Nothing more, nothing less. But only one thing: who has short arms will not get good results with this technique does not. Ditto for long arms.

Mangas certasSleeves certain
Have the sleeves of the bespoke suit  must never exceed the limit that your hand down, let alone swallow it. The height of a right sleeve suit jacket is the height of the bone in your wrist (where it meets the hand) to allow at least one finger of the shirt appears this "loophole" without devouring its beautiful hands. And to be with him so estendidão beside the body (as pictured above). You can show a little more or a little less cuff depending on your taste, but always show because it demonstrates that you know what you're doing when it comes to suits.
Sleeves in place of the shirt and jacket

Mangas no lugar da camisa e do paletóThere are more modern variations, where you can shorten a little more this ratio, but it is just a little of. But siri is fishing, which is not the intention here.
Regarding pants ... you can opt for a height of trim where take to fully cover the socks and lightly touch the shoes. Or you can leave the bar a little longer leaving it to beat more or less at the time of the third braid (if the shoe is tying course) counting the toes upwards and getting above the height of the heel never cover it or get near it.

Na medida certa para cobrir meia e um tantinho de sapato!The right amount to cover stocking and shoe trifle!
Now, in any case, when standing, half should appear. Not walking. And it should not be too long to the point of forming a volume on the shoe. She has to fall straight and good, even with Italian bar. Or maybe, especially with her.

Bradley Cooper in Rio

When using jacket or blazer, which buttoning buttons? And when using them buttoned?

Trends Pro Fall 2013

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