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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Elegance of the Revolt - Cut Shop

  Elégance de la Révolte - DandyMaxim

Each week is punctuated by sending in our inbox Sodandy, news announcing the launch of a custom suits new brand. Superlatives are well underway, and the discourse of "Made in France" is often at the rendezvous. In this emerging mass, it is easy to sort: there are few projects that stand out.
Elegance of the Revolt
And then, there are projects that do not communicate, do not have to press release and even less "database of prospects." Why? Because the people who are causing focus on their products, rather than their marketing. Because these people are the "job" and not business schools. Elegance Revolt is one of those simple and beautiful stories to tell, and these products are easy to appreciate.
Elegance of the Revolt
In the beginning there was a custom made suits . It is that of a grandfather in the 1940s. Then there is a small son, as an adult, which carries today. Elegance Revolt left of this real fact and the heavy coat that has spent years to build a story incorporating fictional elements.
The character of Albert Camus and his image on the cover of the novel "The Stranger" embody the gesture of revolt. The story of Elegance Revolt borrows wearing collar turned to the writer to be an element of modernity.
Elegance of the Revolt
Elegance of the Revolte edit, or rather re-edit, this coat, adding some customizations, but almost identical to the 1940 patronage. The characteristic length of the side is, for example, retained. Originally made from a thick wool, new fabric choices are available. Three wool, thicknesses and colors, and a black cashmere come up the offer. The fabrics are English, the Moon house. Other than the fabric, you can choose the shape of the pockets, the length of coat and sleeves. Each coat is the customer's choice.
Elegance of the Revolt
Until August 3, you can try out these coats from the 1940s to the workshop Made in Town. The original and the cutting table mantle are exposed. When ordering, the latter is used for cutting different pieces that constitute the liner and the mantle. Cutting will be carried out on site and according to orders. The coats are then assembled in another studio in Paris.
Here we must recognize a manufacturing process margin of production "normal." The cheap custom suits is based on customer demand and not the reverse. The project is positioned in the Slow movement Made that embodies the "time" in product development. Elegance Revolt has already attracted the attention of L'Uomo Vogue Italia which devotes a section dedicated to these timeless coats: A workshop di eleganza classica e per il sartoriale lancio della linea Elegance Revolt.

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