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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vengeance Of Elegant Gentlemen’s Shirts

You probably have noticed that gingham is coming back with a vengeance of elegant gentlemen’s shirts.
In the past, it was considered as a “popular” fabric, only existed in three colours: black, blue and pink, and was mostly used to make blouses and garments for young children.
dress shirt
Up until about two years ago, it was quite rare to see so-called “formal” shirts (those worn with tailored made suits and ties) made of gingham. This fabric was mostly used to make more casual, button-down or other, shirts worn by gentlemen on the weekend.
dress shirt
dress shirt
Then, during the last two years, this rather interesting to coordinate pattern (when one masters a few fundamental rules) progressively started to spread to the collections of traditional shirt makers until it became a best seller during the winter 2010/2011.
Now, all labels, from Tom Ford to TM Lewin, Tyrwhitt, Pink, Marc Guyot and even the very conservative Turnbull & Asser, offer gingham shirts in their formal and business selections. Last year, the fearless Marc Guyot even, in his true fashion, pushed the envelope a bit further with white collars and cuffs on gingham shirts! For the record, the first time he had “dared” to ask Turnbull & Asser to make him such a shirt, he had been nicely told off, as this “twist” was simply unimaginable by the venerable English shirt maker.
men suits
men suits
This global trend towards more colour and pattern is undoubtedly linked to the increased interest in men for dressing and their better understanding of the fundamentals of wearing these character shirts without making any visual mistake.
PG likes how gingham shirts open a very interesting creative realm while providing a dash of character that is quite welcome in our uniform and bland world.
But gentlemen, beware! Make sure to stick to the fundamentals, including the rules on harmoniously blending pattern without blinding others with a blur of patterns…
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