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Friday, March 29, 2013

Red and Blue Checked Black Custom Suit

Double Breasted Design.Standard Lapel.Dressing this custom suit,you definitely look sharp and stand out in the crowd to make you look like a movie star ,a wealthy man.Also this style is one of the best sellers.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lavender Striped&White Shirt

Lavender Striped&White Shirt
$ USD 53.00
Fabric: 100%cotton
Occasion: business and leisure
Lavender striped white shirt,a classic business and office shirt,and it adds lavender pinstripe which make the shirt look a little glossy and meanwhile does not losethe decent appearance.As a tailored shirt,it maks you more confident.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Decisive Methods for You to Make a Right Choice of Collar

There are many misunderstanding of selecting the collar regard to the shape of the collar, But as the details away from the face, the choice of the collar directly affect your overall mental outlook, which should not be underestimated.

Shirt with the principles of the collar and face with can be regarded as the major focus. But now we buy shirts may pay more attention to tailoring fabric brands. . . . Few people will take into account the recently collar with cheek? In fact, the shape of the collar with a mix of face follow a simple principle of complementarity: chunky face with long pointed collar, it is easy to lengthen the lines of my face, and long pointed chin on use horoscopes open angle collar balanced collar level of need with the length of the neck with a long, thin neck with a narrow and short collar will look like giraffes, short neck crude but had to choose high-necked station will be very spandrel arched.
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Street gentleman collar skills draw. Even in the streets, an insight into a variety of shirt collar selection technique, too dull dress using unexpected props, will be greatly changed.
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The correct Method to Suit Up

custom made suits

The fit would be the principal element

Suit originated in uniform, so the match would be the initially component is crucial to display a tall and straight heroic. The type plus the cut from the suit and never be too loose, particularly within the shoulder, or give people today a sloppy, shabby come to feel.

Set of form-fitting fits could make young confident the light mature male charm doubled, regardless of whether it can be while in the workplace or social arena you might be the absolute protagonist.

Keep in mind the principle of a button

Distinguished from uniforms to suit the bottom the clasp will have to not buckle, not surprisingly, a single button suit, except this is certainly for dual considerations of etiquette and helpful. Need to be open and seated.

Shirt cuff exceeds suit 1.5cm

Shirt collar and cuffs Blazer past of 1.5cm ideal degree by using a sense of large. Shirt collar and cuffs don't absolutely hidden inside the suit, timid shameful.

Pants length to the ankle would be the most appropriate

The length with the trouser legs, and ankles would be the most ideal, the traditional curling trousers on more subtle and norms. Trouser length can not be too prolonged, if temporary borrowed extremely fit.

Need to be applied with dark socks

Dress needs to be by using a black or dark-colored socks, need to comply. Single stage charm, not let it's probably to become ignored, international dress code by wearing a dress with dark socks, dark-colored socks with colored stripes, you may opt for if you can not accept the complete black.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

White Striped&Dark Gray Suit

Dark Gray Suit
$ USD 279.00
Fabric: 100%wool
Wool Yarn:super100s
Occasion: business and leisure
White striped dark gray suit,has something related to conversative business attire.It is still a good option for office work.And white stripe is widely chosen in pinstriped suit,almost any tie can collocate with it. is professional in custom suit,exclusive designed,full canvas tailored suit Top quality men suits-choose us and believe us.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Men's Shirts

man shirt

Our iron liners are not as attractive as our other products, but does not need an iron to make them look good. Made from 100% cotton and luxurious double-cut to fit standard dress shirt classic models.

• 100% cotton non-iron double
• Neck Classic
Single or double cuff
• Free brass collar stiffeners
Traditional Jermyn Street shirt fit
• Machine washable at 40 degrees

There is no reason why not iron a shirt should feel less soft and pleasant to the touch than a regular cotton shirt, and the method also allows the shirt keep its shape after washing shirtless Table cloth absorbs less water, that helps prevent wrinkles not only, but also decreasing.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Change your style with fashion suits

When it comes to tailored suits, usually you do not like to adhere to one particular style but rather like to Change your style with fashion suits. Suits are more liked for men and women of today’s world. When you choose a fashion suit, you must believe certain things in order to make the suit perfect for you. Few tips for choosing a fashion suit are as follows:

When you choose a suit, imagine the cloth of the suit. Choose the suit cloth based on climatic form of the place where you live, and your budget. Cotton suits are finest because they keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Linen suits are fitting for humid and hot summer days. Woolen suits are suitable for breezy climates. Choose the suit cloth which suits your body all through the year based on where you live.

Give consequence to the color of the suit while choosing a custom made suit. Decide the suit color based on your skin color, hair color and eye color. Suits of certain material look best in specific colors. For example, white, black, grey and navy colors are top in cotton suits. Brown, white and cream colors look grand in linen suits.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shirts And Suits

The variety of shirts worn by men with a tailored suit is a top made of woven wicker, with long sleeves, buttoned to Open in the front stretch and a round neck, this type of test is known in English as an American fashion shirt or a shirt, but simply as a shirt Oxford English dialect another. They slab, cleverly hidden in the pants of the wearer, and if not used in the ways shown in the jacket section.

The typical shirt colors are navy blue or black with white stitching as the more traditional. The most common type of dress shirt worn with a suit is a normal shirt linked chains.

The neck is a neck propagation normal. This is usually the default type for French cuffs collar shirts, but sometimes can be found with collar. Buttoned collars usually kept for occasional use with a jacket or coat not all.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Double-breasted Suits

Gray Custom Suit
The best part of men's suits can be categorized into one of five styles. Double-breasted suits have two equivalent row of buttons; this style is believed to be very traditional. All further styles are single-breasted and might have assorted numbers of buttons, most frequently two or three. British suits are characterized by fairly tapering sides, minimum shoulder padding, and two vents. Italian suits are characterized by powerfully padded shoulders and sturdily tapered sides. American suits are considered more sporty than the former styles, and are characterized by moderate shoulder padding and a distinct vent. Contemporary is a word that include a range of recently designed fashion that do not fit into the former category.
Gray Striped Suits For Men

Suit in all styles normally have three or four buttons on each cuff, which are often purely attractive. Functional cuff button may be found on high-end or tailored suit; this characteristic is called a Surgeon's Cuff.
Black Bespoke Suit

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Different Shirt for Different Occasions

tailored shirt

Formal occasions: to attend a wedding, cocktail party or prom, must wear a formal dress shirt. First, the color of the shirt must be white, to prop out of a cocktail dress with beautiful female partners; fabric yarn spinning or coarse cotton, depending on your jacket fabric:

If wearing a tuxedo, you can take a coarse cotton shirt; other styles of jackets, then take the yarn spinning it. Want to wearing little more stylish, with a beautiful silk shirt. In addition, there needs to be a French cuffs with cuff links. Receptions and other social occasions, you can wear bright colors shell or gemstone cuff links in weddings and other occasions, you can wear one pair of athletic metallic or black gemstone cuff inks. Finally, keep in mind, not with a pocket in the shirt.

tailored shirt

Business occasions: to attend the shareholders' meeting or a business seminar, shirts can relax a little. The color can be white or other light-colored, fabric yarn spinning or coarse cotton, but we recommend you wear yarn spinning shirt to significant quality. Second, using the double-lock cuffs, substantially stable; You can also choose to wear cuff links, so more taste. Best not shirt pocket.
Leisure and business occasions: office workers wearing the shirt can be a lot of changes. Color can be optional, but it is best not to wear the more prominent color (fiery red); fabric yarn spinning, coarse cotton or cotton; can be used the the single buckle cuffs best left to more formal occasions. Shirt pocket, and convenient put some small objects.

Casual occasions: the usual cup of coffee to go out, wearing tailored shirt  should be very casual. Color can mix and match, not the requirements. The fabric can be coarse cotton or cotton, yarn spinning too significant heavy. Single-button cuffs cuffs, or you can also ignore European antiques are looked down upon, short-sleeved shirt. Do not wear too rigid.

Monday, March 11, 2013


 During the second half of the 18th century a garment referred to as "a hunting shirt" began to appear in North America. The earliest and simplest form seems akin to the coarse shirts that European wagoneers and farmers wore as a protective coverall. In the years prior to the American Revolution this garment came to have a distinct American character. Several of the Independent Companies wore hunting shirts emblazoned on the breast with the motto, Liberty or Death, and several of the early colonial armies chose hunting shirts as their new uniforms. It is, however, with the frontier that this garment is most associated. Unfortunately, few examples of 18th or early 19th century hunting shirts survive and the contemporary written descriptions do not complete the picture. Reconstructions of this garment are largely conjectural.

Friday, March 8, 2013


A cummerbund may be defined as broad pleated waist sash generally worn with single-breasted dinner jackets. The cummerbund was first popularized by the British military officers in colonial India and it subsequently caught on with the civilians.

When weighted MOLLE pockets were attached to the cummerbund and the user moved up and down, the cummerbund became dislodged from the Velcro attachment and the top edge rolled over. Correspondingly, the upper portions of the pockets also rolled over, inhibiting access to the MOLLE pockets and reducing the ability of the user to rapidly retrieve his equipment.

The contemporary use of the cummerbund is purely aesthetic and fashion experts opine that it stands midway between a dress shirt and the waistband. The one other practical use of cummerbund is its convenience for the expandinf girth of diners during a sumptuous meal.

Several leading fashion houses offer formal cummerbunds and the foremost designers of cummerbunds include Thomas Pink, Turnbull & Asser and Robert Charles. Robert Charles is especially famous for cummerbunds made of silk with attractive and colourful floral designs.

Traditionally worn with a dinner suit, a cummerbund has no specific function, beyond helping the wearer to stretch the legs and even making the obese people look taller and sleeker.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Art of Men' Suits

On the campus of the transitional form in the office, a great change is inevitable. People can buy several sets of good  tailored suit has become the first option, how to spend less and feel good decent? Here is a method that the two men seemed to dress smart (smart), while programs at reasonable prices allow you to capture the subtleties.
In general, these applications dressing company, located in the office. When the seasons like spring, under normal circumstances, do wear suits and shirts is correct and should focus on a shirt and tie, big changes here. Can in a limited range of funds to choose from a number of different styles, different colors of shirts is relatively rare color: sapphire blue, pink, easy to attract attention, you can choose a more expensive brand. When others feel this shirt is quite unique, with attention to what you wear brand. You can help your boyfriend chose twelve, but to remind cycle lead capture a sense of rhythm to avoid continuous wear. The white shirt is the most common, and the change is reflected in the tie and wrist ornaments. The shirt of a log you want to change, and it will give people a good impression. Thus, when several days of wearing a white shirt, tie replacement becomes particularly important. Must be at least six different link each day that you want to change, possibly with a tie all folders.
Selection tie and shirt, brand good or bad mix both save money and with what success, but we must ensure that there are two high-quality products, the choice of a certain well-known brand that people see their value. You can also choose another excellent texture - this is the kind of cheap, I do not see the price, but also feel things very expensive. A flower expensive to buy a nice suit is essential when her suit jacket stylish boyfriend when resting in his hand, perhaps not a bad accident, "you look at the label, so I think it should be able to be aware of confidence.
In addition, some small details, you can not ignore: Do not use white socks, like a custom suit, worn on the twins. Vanity was love, but quality is important. Entering society, within our capabilities to intelligently bring the joy of investment, it can not experience the future of paying real feelings. Male costume embodies the charm two points: first color, then.

Monday, March 4, 2013

White Collar Bases Need To Know

dress shirt

Working Principles men suits, just please, never own men can always get more praise. After all, the pursuit of unconventional only a minority in the workplace, we must comply with the eyes of most people, arbitrary private. Take a look at the following summary of the workplace, men must pay attention to the principle dressing. I hope to help you in the workplace!A costume to fitFollowing should pay attention to get the length and hips, the standard size of a suit neck on the floor half long; shirt sleeve is slightly longer than the costume shirt collar above collar, pants length does not reveal socks to heel to prevail; belt before low and high style pants pants edge based on the trend of choice, no curling. They are at the base with a suit, reflecting the normative dress.Knowledge of colorCoat color men should be dark and simple lines. Three colors white, black, beige called "wild color". Themselves and all colors are reasonable, buy shirts if you do not know what color, three colors will not go wrong.Attach with a corea shirt and tie is a science, the link is always played a leading role because it is the most attractive men. Generally, you must first focus on a tie and suit jacket with. More meticulous point of view, the color of the shirt should become the basis of the color of the tie (similar colors).

b white shirt to every man that is very good, suitable for various occasions, and will not be updated, so that every man must be prepared at least a washable white shirt, bold color and vivid pattern with a tie or all good. Eternal fashion with white or blue shirt with a tie or glossy monochrome pattern. It is a timeless mix.Important Note: All true luxury men should have a white or light blue French sleeved shirt folds becomes essential not only dress shirt worn worn with a plain black tie banquets and other formal occasions, you can replace a shirt and tie to arc.c with dress shirt and tie not only reflect their own tastes, and even to some extent also reflects the level of sophistication of your interaction with others. If you choose to have a tie, the taste is not so much confidence, do not choose unconventional colors too bright. This article comes from

dress shirt

In general, among the colors of the angle should especially pay attention to the following points:Gray and black suit and tie and white shirt wearing mostly light colored shirt, with gray, blue, green and shirt color coordination2 gray suit with gray, green, yellow and brick tie, wearing a white shirt with light colored shirt base.3.Dark blue suit, can be equipped with blue, carmine and orange tie, wearing a white and bright blue shirt.4. Blue suit, dark blue, gray, red, yellow and brick color tie to wear yellow roses, butter, silver gray and bright blue shirt.
5.Brown costume, with dark brown, gray tie, green, yellow, white, gray, silver and light brown shirt.
6 green suit, can be equipped with yellow, clothing fat, brown and brick color tie to wear shiny silver gray, blue, brown and silver gray dress shirt.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Evolution of Man’s Suit

Many changes were made in his style, often with a flat collar, a row of New York style, round hem necklace vortex hem the two rows and tailored suits Zealand style.Man piece Suit Jacket and sewing pants distinction covers the same material in the same color, which can be used to carry three-piece suit with a vest. Wearing a formal suit and tie. The upper one piece can be used with a variety of pants that do not have to wear a tie, which can also be scratched or sweater jersey.

The trial was established in Europe in the 17th century, has profound cultural connotations, and you want to know the costume culture can not help but think of the history of costume.

Costume of the Patriarchs: 1690 Cole Manchester study

First half of the 17th century, in the time of Louis XIV, the dress coat knee "Cole Manchester studio and a little shorter than its" best ", and tight pants and a half," Roth Cue "the stage of history is a modern form of integral three-piece suit and wearing habits hole former Manchester leg Cole not usually wear their seatbelt just a waist of little grains -. it is a modern, single-breasted suit is generally not buttoning a shirt is not as coarse, two buttons just above a seatbelt habits of origin.

Ate ancestor: 1705 carats Bart

1670-1675, Croatian light cavalry protects almost as Louis XIV for Paris, were known as "keepers of carats near Bart, tied a cloth around his neck for people to imitate men neckline embellishment This is essential ancestor of modern tie carat "Bart". Pant is

Modern suit was born in the living room: 1853 jacket base Rabon ·

MET upper class in Victorian Britain, many marked stress, social activities, especially at night, men should wear a tuxedo suit should Tantubusu polished. After dinner, the men gathered in the restaurant next to the living room and rest, and only here, they can smoke, drink brandy, joke, and lay down on the couch after smoking package body tight starched not seem appropriate. Therefore, a jacket without tails, like a garment exhibition dedicated took the stage of history, this is the flip "Weng based jacket · generates about 1848 years. Sometimes, this jacket is not frivolous seats limited or picnic, hiking and other sports wear. half of the nineteenth century, it has resulted in a kind suit most men, then at the University of Oxford, Cambridge students wear jackets Oxford, Cambridge coats are so.