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Friday, August 30, 2013

cashmere coat

Fallen pants is one of the highlights of the house. Gerard Sene attributes this quality to both customers who taught him to respect the buttocks and thighs : Johnny Hallyday and Julien Clerc. "They taught me how to make pants. Johhny for everything and bootcut pants size medium , and Julien who has always wanted to close down. Before them I was not paying attention my pants were always the butt of the surplus , but they occurred with short cheap custom suits because they have beautiful buttocks. We can not say how women are sensitive to the buttocks of men. Today, even when I do jeans I make sure he does beautiful buttocks . " In fact, quite fit and narrow down the pants of our double-breasted suit is very rewarding for the silhouette.

the coat
Cross too, this 100% cashmere coat (there are also wool and cashmere and a nice thick cloth navy blue ) is inspired by those worn by the Comte d' Annunzio clearly marked with the size , and also here setbacks very pronounced , 30s guy, and very high English . Length, revised upwards , draws for its part coats of characters in the film American Gangster : it is quite long and covers her knees, giving a much more enjoyable it is very curved shape . And tailor made ​​clear that President Obama himself has taken this long for existing coats .

All have the perfect man wedding suit

Monday, August 12, 2013

All have the perfect man wedding suit

You plan your big day. Tons of time and effort into this process and the end result had better be good. So how do you make this happen and still keep your sanity along the way? The answer is quite simple and that is to read along and gives us some tips to wedding planning man who can really help anyone to do so openly.
The day of wedding dress man, try not to blow things out of proportion thinking too far into the future. Enjoy the full day and enjoy every second of it, because it will be an event that you remember for the rest of your life.
Do not be a Bridezilla! Delegate tasks to cheap custom suits your wedding to your loved man to help relieve the stress on you and get them involved. If your mom loves to cook, ask him to help in the restoration. If your father is a wine lover, ask help in the selection of wines for your reception. Everyone involved

 Do not starve yourself to fit into your wedding dress! As a mixed martial arts fighter preparing for a fight, you will end up dehydrated and dizzy if you try to lose weight rushing. You do not want to faint as you say, I made you! Instead, you can buy a dress with a corset back so you can take it in or out as necessary on the day of your vows.
If you are going to marry soon, it would be wise to decide whether it will be a simple costume man wedding or a large wedding suit. With the square on from the first moment and help center guide all decisions related to the wedding. This will avoid congestion ideas.
If you fear that people will not want to give you gifts wedding suit man cash as they do not have much money to give, include a "case" to the door of your receipt. Guests are asked in the wedding invitations man to bring their gift in a blank envelope costume, allowing them to place it in the box anonymously and reduce any guilt they might feel.
When choosing flowers for your wedding dress man, think about the meaning of the flower that you choose. For example, daisies represent innocence while orchids symbolize love. Be sure to choose a flower that has meaning for you. Try to learn that most of the flowers mean so that you can choose meaningful flowers for your big day. Wedding Bands
are an essential part of man wedding suit, as they help to signify the joining of two parts. Make sure that the days leading up to the wedding suit man suit man wedding itself to have someone you can count on to keep track of your alliances to ensure safety.
It is time to plan your wedding suit man. This is the happiest day of your life, and you put every drop of energy in the process. You just might lose your sanity along the way, right? Wrong! If you follow the tips we have provided, you can make your big day and keep your sanity intact. Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

We tested the custom-made suits

In this context, our research is the only way conditioned by reputation / prestige of the brand or the brand tested. Instead, the criteria of quality, choice and service are the hallmarks of our approach.
After testing the shirts tailor-Saint Sens and after the flood of negative feedback caused by the costumes of New Workshops, we try once again making a bespoke suit with, this time, the sign PERNAC
Featuring shops in Paris and Lyon, PERNAC is a French company specialized in making suits and shirts.
Combining innovation and expertise, this young home meets the most demanding requirements of each allowing the whole creation of the garment: fabric selection, cutting, neck ... all, personalized with your initials and comes in 4 weeks only.Our test custom-made suits PERNAC
For our test, we chose to make our dress to the shop located Pernac avenue Mac Mahon Paris, close to the Place de l'étoile.
In the absence of a luxurious and cozy atmosphere - the store is minimalist and unadorned - we find a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The manager of the shop, Romuald, is young and friendly and can adapt to different people crossing the threshold of the shop. During our test, we were able to observe their level of knowledge and advice to novices suit tailored but also more seasoned people to choose more assertive.
A number of people reluctant to push the doors of a shop-made for fear of being harassed by a salesperson or simply for fear of being caught up sometimes.
In PERNAC, the idea is rather to provide a simple and enjoyable experience tailored.Realization suit
Your bespoke clothing PERNAC Paris is manufactured according to traditional methods of traditional tailors.
Real value of the brand, the choice of fabrics is huge and well arranged. Above all, get advice from seller which will allow you to narrow down your choices based on several criteria (season, style, quality, price ...)Finishes
PERNAC Paris guarantees a highly skilled and refined by the great care professionals work.
Ditto for the finishes, the proposed choice is impressive and allows you to truly customized your costume. Do not hesitate to make a test on their site for you to see the variety of finishes available: cut of the jacket, choice of collar (classic lapel, acute notch, mandarin collar ...), choice of slots jacket ( median side ...), number of pockets, cut of the pants, choice of lining ... etc..The measures
They are treated with the utmost attention to guarantee a perfect fit cheap custom suits.Once the costume performance in the first test, we have realized that the pants were slightly too big at the waist. Of course, it was taken and adjusted by Pernac teams - just a few days.

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Dress Code at work

The Dress Code depends a lot on business but it can also vary from one company to another in the same sector. Rarely described in black and white, it is more often a set of unwritten rules. In some countries, been very official instructions. What characterizes the different cheap custom suits  at work, it is the formality. And this step depends mainly on one thing: the customer contact. The more you deal with customers, the better your chances of having to dress in Business Formal or Business Casual. The latter, although relatively formal, is heresy in some areas.
What does the code work?
There is a section of the Labour Code (L.1121-1) which speaks of the Dress Code. It defines the conditions under which an employer may impose a dress to an employee. This is especially safety criteria. However, there are instructions clothing permissible under the law. They concern the corporate image. The only case where an employee may refuse to work instructions clothing is when it is proven that it is not necessary for the position.
If nothing is specified anywhere per person ask. Ask about a new position for a trip abroad and for a meeting. Dress Code error is not fatal but can have adverse consequences.Business Formal: from 4 pins
The Dress Code is typical of the financial community, but not only. It is to be sober. The favorite colors are black for suits and shoes and white for the shirts.
Accessories are discrete and that includes tie required. Are allowed, strictly speaking, navy blue and gray but not brown. The Dress Code Formal Business synonymous with impeccable: impeccably polished shoes, clothes impeccably ironed. The least possible skin is shown. Also, the logos are not accepted or jewelry too obvious. Know exactly what suits you best is the most important.Business Casual: the relaxation has its limits
The Dress Code Business Casual drops a notch in formality but just one. If we accept the color, all the colors are not permitted, nor are all mixtures. Two colors maximum generally going very well. There is no question of jeans and dress often still required even if you can do without the tie. Blue shirt, brown shoes, patterned tie ... the "eccentricities" stop there but Business Casual is still more permissive than the Business Formal.
Attention ideal for interviews in many sectors and especially the positions in contact with customers, the Business Formal is too stuffy in other professional fields.Smart Casual: just before the casual
The relaxation is invited in the Smart Casual Dress Code is already much less formal and allows more freedom to express their personal taste in bespoke suits . You can almost dressing as desired, wear a polo shirt instead of a shirt, forget moccasins and leather briefcase.

What are the trends in Custom Suits?

Why know the Weavers?


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why know the Weavers?

Make fabric is a craft.And as there are brands of clothes, there are brands of tissue.Generally, buying a bespoke suit cut from a cloth from one of the investors that we will discuss together is a guarantee of quality.Not only because these fabrics are more expensive than lambda tissue, which shows the desire of the cutter (brand) to provide a quality suit, but because the tissues have been developed with some expertise.
Before buying a suit or a jacket, look inside of the jacket.Generally, if it is made from a high quality raw material, this is the mark of fabric sewn inside the jacket.Either the brand (usually the left lapel) or on the back facing him.
If Nothing is sewn, you can ask your tailor or vendor you specify what type (super 100, mixing etc. ..) this fabric is, and especially what brand is the fabric!If you give the name of a weaver, you can ask to see a sample of the fabric with the brand name (the name of the weaver) next.
We are advised, but what are the beautiful fabrics?Tissues English, IrishHolland & Sherry
In existence for over 170 years, Holland & Sherry always provides the greatest tailors and more luxury brands.For history is in 1836, Stephen George Holland and Sherry Frederic began to be wool merchants in London.
man chic_dormeuil2Founded in 1842 by Jules Dormeuil, Dormeuil began by importing English cloth, before creating his own fabrics.What more ... Dormeuil is the must tissues French!(Note: the costumes PAP Dormeuil, whose fabrics are beautiful, have impeccable cuts, but pretty straight Forget PAP Dormeuil if you are looking for a very curved costume.).
Founded in 1938 in Brussels by Otto Hertz, Scabal was originally a merchant and supplier of fabrics.In 1938, Scabal had only six employees and now employs about 600 people worldwide.
man chic_loropianaSpecializing in wool with cashmere, Loro Piana fabrics created among the finest in the world.Hackett Associates, they create special fabric for the British brand.Note that Loro Piana does not suit ready to wear. They sweaters and casual wear .. but the costumes are only made to measure!
man chic_zegnaZegna .. undoubtedly one of the best brands of Italian fabric.Through the different "Ermenegildo Zegna" and "Z Zegna" brands, offers its Zegna fabrics ready to wear, but also with its bespoke service "Made to Measure suit".
man chic_lanficiocerrutiCerruti, who before being a ready to wear is a weaver.Apart from the brand Cerruti, many other brands of PAP in their high-end, will provide at Cerruti
So much for the beautiful fabrics ... but what is the price?For a classic build, it takes between 3.5 and 4 meters of fabric for a tailored suit.
The price of fabric can vary from 50 euros to 250 euros per meter ... but it can reach 1000 Euro per meter for the rarest fabrics!
Let's stylish, elegant are, being attentive to the tissues of our costumes!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Praise The Double-breasted Suit

 In this post, Jean-Philippe Peltier (lawyer by) attempts to capture the essence of a very special double-breasted bespoke suit. Thank you for this dear reader to give us this original analysis.
What is rare is valuable.If the adage is not always true in dress code, some of the innovations that can sometimes cause the fear of others, it nonetheless it applies perfectly breasted suit.How can we cross suit of the same name in a day?Sometimes no.It is unfortunate that scarcity and see at the same time that those who are supposed to be (really) the best dressed men are very regular with this type of suit.So is it, for example, Edouard Balladur, Prince Charles, and a few years ago, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Cardin ...


What is the reason for this?It stems from a simple observation: masculinity is no longer in fashion. Wisdom either.For the double-breasted suit is, without a doubt, a mature man who has had his moment of glory at a time when the icons are called Gabin, Ventura or Cary Grant garment.

6.jpgToday, however, the male must be young metrosexual, when it is not clearly effeminate (see young beardless youths marching in length podiums) to enthuse ....And if the manly man is "in the know", he must not wear any sign of elegance to cultivate, so sadly binary, a thick rough side bearing no consideration to its implementation ...Thus, and as time passes, the costume and personalities fade ...But back to our vicuna ...This standardization of elites (political, cultural, etc.). Finds undeniably in fashion so that each wanting resemble other and vice versa, we see a set of mirrors, with the result inevitably tend to erase codes and impoverishment of style.Specifically, the double-breasted suit has given way to the law suit, which was still very wide in the 80s before being bent more and more narrow, from 3 to 2 button (which is not bad) , clips of pants from them about two to one, now to be non-existent in most cases ...But how is it that today the double-breasted suit is still, despite everything, a model of elegance?In fact, it is less suit the personality of the wearer reveals the elegance of this dress.And when it comes to personality, it is not about the illusion that try to instill some "stars" fleeting moment or Apollo, but the density of the soul that has the double-breasted suit.Must admit that the age of the grantee is a fundamental key to the success of the whole. Indeed, forging a true personality is most often associated with the passage as time permits in the look and gestures of those who are found to have this gift from heaven called charisma.Just compare young people, known and unknown, with the double-breasted suit (even good cut) ...


Unknown ... and who share this personable that gives a perspective on the things in life ...


... To realize that some people have that "something" that others do not ...Therefore, the double-breasted suit is a revealing!Some seem primed disguised, even ridiculous (Johnny Thanks for this moment of fun), while others are undeniably elegant.Are we so not all equal before (and especially) the double-breasted suit?It is interesting to note that there is no such right costume can be worn without significant difficulty by anyone, a model of good enough cut so as to give the owner a certain elegance.The double-breasted suit, then, would require a certain amount of wisdom, experience and maturity to be worn?Of course, there is something that is very in tune with the times, the mass to have access to anything and everything on the poor who otherwise would be to make a reservation would deal with reactionary.This is probably why the "fashionistas" are old-hat cross-cheap custom suit, which is now "in" is to reach the lowest common denominator ...Nevertheless, the nature and being well made, it is clear that members of the "club of those who can wear the double-breasted suit" break away from the melee reassuring ... and boring."We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars" said Wilde ...Arguably, taking the quote upside down, as long as the stars remain, some of us have reason to look up.

The dress style of the time I really like

Costumes: the small details to stay in the game


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Things to consider before buying a man's suit

It is well known that perfect dress wearer is able to make a good impression and positive fact. Those who participate in an interview or an official meeting generally prefer to wear a bespoke suit on such occasions. Perfect Man Costume consists of a clean shirt, jacket, pants, etc. It not only reflects the personality of a person in a good way, but also make it look better and professional. This dress comes in different shapes and sizes, and a person must choose according to their own body type and body structure. Some prefer to wear readymade garments while others prefer to have a custom.

A made to measure suit looks much better than a ready-made dress. This is because the Costume Custom is made ​​according to the specific needs and requirements. This will help a person to create their own style statement. With that person is free to choose its own fabric and a piece of clean cloth. It is good to choose the best quality. Even if you have to stretch your budget a little, try to find a good fabric. Think of all the other accessories you'll wear with the dress. These accessories include shoes, ties, belts, etc. Keep the color scheme in your mind before buying a dress. It is good to wear a light colored shirt with a dark jacket or vice versa. Many clothing stores have set up their sites from which you can get their contact information and other important information.

Costumes and men ….

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